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Low Carb Life is a community for those of us living or trying to live a low carb lifestyle. here, you can post recipes, track and share your progress, give and receive support to others in the same boat you're in.


1. NO FLAMING ALLOWED. That's just annoying. If you're going to be a baby about what people say then you probably shouldn't be here.
2. Keep the posts on topic. We may love your will to want to lose weight and share your progress etc with us all, but I'm not really interested in hearing about your best friend's boyfriend dumping her for some guy that's already married to a transvestite that's been trafficking child pornography for 7 years. Just as an example =)
3. I'm no verbage nazi, and have a tendancy to cuss a bit, but for those that aren't terribly fond of it, please keep the profanity to a minimum.
4. your opinions are fantastic, and if the program you are using works well for you, that is wonderful! but not everyone follows the same path. do not try to force your plan on anyone else, suggesting is fine, but badgering is not allowed!
5. when posting recipes, please please please post them as new posts, not as replies. this way, everyone has the ability to try it!
6. please post photos behind cuts to save those with slow load times.